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Monday, November 29: In the wake of WikiLeak’s release of confidential diplomatic cables, CPAC Prime Time Peter Van Dusen welcomes Colin Robertson, former Canadian envoy to Washington and Michel Juneau-Katsuya,… Read more »

Midterms Commentary coverage

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excerpts from Campbell Clark Globe and Mail With new Congress, Canada can expect trade, border flare-ups “It was not the Republican Party we’ve known in the past. I think that’s… Read more »

After the Midterms: Analysis

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November 3 2010: Powerplay with Janis Mackey Frayer interviews Colin Robertson a former diplomat says the shift in the U.S. was due solely on the economy. When there are not… Read more »

Election Day: Midterms analysis

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November 2, 2010 CBC News: Lang and O’Leary Exchange: Colin Robertson and Birgit Matthiessen discuss trade implications of midterms for Canada with Amanda Lang . CTV News Channel: Colin Robertson, former… Read more »