Trump at Charlevoix

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From Vanity Fair

Trump can expect a warm welcome at this weekend’s G7 summit

Just kidding! Everyone there hates his guts more than ever thanks to last week’s decision to slap our closest allies with steel and aluminum tariffs. “What this G7 is going to show is that the United States are alone against everyone and especially alone against their allies,” French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told reporters on Friday. “Mr. Trump will be like the proverbial skunk at the garden party given the protectionism,” Colin Robertson, vice president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, told Politico. “He is the outlier anyway, but this is simply going to make those two days of discussions more tense.” Canada, which is hosting this year’s summit, called the tariffs “an affront” to Canadian soldiers who have died fighting alongside Americans, counterattacking with levies that could hit $16.6 billion on steel, aluminum, beer kegs, whisky, maple syrup, and other goods.