Canada’s campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council

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From The Canadian Press Wednesday Sep. 22, 2010

…One seasoned international observer says it is silly to expect Canada will come up short next month, arguing that Portugal’s recent economic performance will be an impediment.

“The Portuguese have got some big problems,” said Colin Robertson, a retired diplomat and research fellow at the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. “Do you really want that many Europeans on the Security Council?”

Canada’s perceived pro-Israel tilt in the Middle East, or complaints that it has been inattentive to Africa, won’t hurt next month, he said.

Harper’s growing stature as international statesman, Canada’s recent record hosting the G8 and G20 summits, as well as the Olympics, will ultimately win votes at the UN, said Robertson.

“He’s five years in the ring as prime minister. He’s now seen three Japanese prime ministers. He’s now seasoned,” said Robertson.

“We’ll be judged on our Canadian reputation and our record. The Canadian record is a good record, notwithstanding the domestic critics.”