Trump and Trudeau: A Primer

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New Policy Update: “A Primer to the Trump-Trudeau Meeting”
by Colin Robertson


For Immediate Release

10 February 2017 – Ottawa, ON – The Canadian Global Affairs Institute released today:  “A Primer to the Trump-Trudeau Meeting” by Colin Robertson, CGAI Vice-President and Fellow.

On Monday February 13, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with President Donald Trump in the White House for their first face-to-face encounter. We can expect the official photo to show a stern-looking Mr. Trump and a smiling Mr. Trudeau, indicative of their respective public personalities. But what can we expect in terms of security, trade, and energy? Colin Robertson guides us through with this Primer, including:

• What Will Happen
• Setting the Stage
• Security Basket
• Energy Basket
• Trade Basket
• What to do about Softwood Lumber
• An Assymetrical Relationship
• How does Mexico fit into this?
• Further Reading

The complete report, “A Primer to the Trump-Trudeau Meeting” is available at:

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